BackHow to Use a Masturbation Sleeve


  1. Remember to always use personal lubricant with a sleeve, as you need the stroker to slide up and down without friction.
  2. Apply the lubricant to the inside of the sleeve and your penis.
  3. The entrance may appear tight, however this just adds to the incredible sensations. Slowly enter your penis into the sleeve.
  4. Slide the stroker down to cover your penis. You may wish to hold the base of your penis as you enter the stroker for added leverage.
  5. Start by gripping the outside of the stroker and gently stroking it up and down your shaft. Go gently at first till you get a feel for the sleeve, then you can determine for yourself how fast you wish to go.
  6. Many masturbation sleeves come with an adjustable air hole for your desired tightness.  Experiment with the air hole and the upward/downwards movement, to find the desired level of stimulation.  Doing both actions simultaneously takes a bit of practice, but practice with a masturbation sleeve is no hardship.


If the masturbation sleeve is reusable, clean the sleeve properly after each use.