BackWhat is a Masturbation Sleeve?

Masturbation Sleeve Male Sex Toy

Sex toys are great for adding excitement to your sex life, however most people assume sex toys are synonymous with vibrators, and the men are left out of the equation. However, in reality there is a great range of masle sex toys, including anal toys, cock rings, prostate stimulators and masturbation sleeves.

Masturbation sleeves are cylinder like tubes that the penis can be inserted into for male masturbation. Masturbation sleeves are designed to increase penis stimulation, and create a feeling similar to sex or oral sex rather than masturbation.  This male sex toy stimulates and teases the penis better than a hand ever could.

The outside of the masturbation sleeves are usually non-anatomical, however the internal sleeves comes in various shapes and sizes eg: textured with nubs, ridges, swirls, or smooth. The entrance to the sleeve may be in the form of a vagina, mouth or anus or non-anatomic. The strokers are usually made of material that warms to body temperature quickly, such as cyberskin, silicone or rubber. Some male sex toy sleeves vibrate, are waterproof and have suction holes.

The purpose of a male masturbation sleeve is to increase the pleasure of solo play. However there are advantages of a partner using the sleeve on the male. Good quality water-based lubricant should be used with male masturbation sleeves, such as Stim u lube. With the addition of the lubricant, this male sex toy can quite accurately imitate the suction, friction, texture and warmth of intercourse or oral sex.

A stroker masturbation device is a great men’s beginner sex toy, due to their ease of use and great stimulation.  They’re also inexpensive, allowing you to experiment with a variety of textures and styles without a major investment.

Using a stroker to masturbate will build up to a more satisfying climax, leaving you more sexually satisfied.

Advantages of using a masturbation sleeve:

  • Great for foreplay
  • Great for mutual masturbation
  • A great alternative to a handjob
  • Less tiring on the giver of the handjob.
  • No technique required for stimulation, as the interior of the masturbation sleeve does the job for you.
  • The interior of the sleeve provides different sensations during use.
  • Unbelievable stimulation.