BackWhy Use Personal Lubricants?

Top Reasons to Use Personal Lubricant

What is a Personal Lubricant?

Personal lubricants (Lube) are specialized lubricants which are used during sexual acts (such as sexual intercourse or masturbation), to reduce friction with the erogenous zones of your body.

Top reasons to use a Personal Lubricant

There are many reasons why a personal lubricant is used, the benefits are enormous. Personal lubricants improve intimacy in so many ways. Read why….

  • Better Sex:  Using a Personal Lubricant can make sexual activity more comfortable and enjoyable. a little bit of lubricant can provide a sexy, slick feeling that you'll really enjoy, making sex more fun and pleasurable, regardless of your age.
  • Marathon Sex:  Personal lubricant can do wonders for epic sex. The extra moisture from the lubricant can ease potential irritation to the vagina caused by friction, allowing the fun to keep going all night.
  • Adding variety:  Personal Lubricant adds variety to sexual activity. Some couples are interested in the different sensation a personal lubricant adds to sex. Every personal lubricant has a different feel, and trying many kinds will give you a range of sexual experiences. For example, personal lubricants can be water-based such as Spider Toy Lubricant or silicone. Water-based lubricants is great for use with sex toys and cleans up easily, whilst silicone based lubricant are quite slick and last longer.
  • Manual stimulation:  Personal lubricant can be used for masturbation or to manually stimulate your partner's genitals.
  • Improve Your Sex Life inexpensively:   Just a few drops of personal lubricant will enhance your sex life and rekindle your passion. That's a great way to improve your sex life cheaply.
  • Massage Oil:  Personal Lubricant can also be used as massage oil.  Personal Lube can be used for an intimate massage during foreplay.
  • Other non-sexual uses for personal lubricant:   Personal lubricants may make it easier and more comfortable to insert medications, such as pessaries, suppositories. Also Personal Lubricant can help to gently insert suppositories and anal thermometers in children.


Use only water or silicone based lubricants with condoms. Never use petroleum jelly or any type of moisturizer that is not stated for use with condoms. Never use silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys.